3 Reasons To Become a Beachbody Coach


So it’s been just over two years since I became a Team Beachbody Coach and depending on how you look at it, Julie and I have been mildly successful.  The reason I say that is depending on the reasons you become a Team Beachbody Coach, you have to determine what your success criteria is.  With that being said after two years I will explain what I mean.  Make no mistake, I love the beachbody programs, I’ve been using them and their other products like Shakeology for years, and they work.  We all know my weight loss story and it’s all from their products. Read more »

Why am I a Team Beachbody Coach?


Many of you see my posts about my workouts and new products and accountability groups that we have going, and I’m sure that many of you think ‘it’s just a thing I do’ among other things. Nope, it’s my job, and here’s why. If you take a few minutes to watch the TED Talk with Jamie Oliver below, you may have a better understanding of my ‘why’.

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P90X3 Review – Block 1


Well kids, this week marks the start of the recovery week and nearing the end of P90X3 Block 1 for both Julie and I.  I decided it was time to post a short review of the program thus far.  What makes this interesting is thar we have a BIG accountability group where nearly everyone is engaged.  The other cool thing is each person is doing different tracks in the program.  If you were not aware you have a few schedules to choose from.  Julie is doing the “Lean” and I am doing the “Mass” version.  I’ll touch on these as well as the specific workouts I’ve done in P90X3 Block 1 so far.  Generally speaking I love Tony Horton’s workouts.  They are based on functional fitness and resistance training which I wanted again.

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Transferring A Team Beachbody Coach Business Center


Something many people may not know is that you can actually TRANSFER a Team Beachbody Coach business center to a new coach you are enrolling.  This is something we learned a few months ago, frankly by accident.  We had heard of the ability to transfer a Team Beachbody Coach Business Center from say husband to wife, but the fact is, you can give a good “spot” on your team to a new coach.  This is a huge bit of information for your team especially if you have coaches that are inactive, or no longer interested in being coaches.  You can offer to swap them out with a new person AND the new person gets potentially a great spot in the downline organization.  Let’s examine this a little bit more.

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New Strawberry Shakeology Coming January 2014!


That’s right there’s a new flavor of Shakeology coming to town!  For those that love Strawberry, the new Strawberry Shakeology is for you.  We’ve gotten three samples ourselves as part of hosting the upcoming Super Saturday.  This weekend we will be trying it out to let you know how it is.  As always we will be tasting with just water in a Shakeology shaker cup before we try mixing with other things.  We like to get the “baseline” test so we have a basic comparison before adding in other flavors.  So what’s the deal?

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Beachbody 2014 Accountability Groups

Hello kids!  We wanted to let everyone know that we have already mapped out our plans for Beachbody 2014 Accountability Groups.  These groups are meant for current and new customer we are coaching to get back in the groove.  The cool part is you can choose which month you want to start and we will update the list with the program we have chosen based on the previous month’s promotions.  Below is the current start dates through the 2014 calendar year.

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January Birthday P90X3 Accountability Group


That’s right kids, January marks my 40th birthday.  I realized this is about the same age Tony Horton was when he produced P90X.  Can you believe the shape the guy was in at that age?  Seriously, I want that for myself without a doubt.  So what better way to have so many of you out there help ME stay accountable.  I have said before that it’s not easy for me either.  So what’s the deal with this accountability group?

P90X3 Accountability Group Can Help

What I do know is every time we run these groups and you read the testimonials from other people, they work.  They are all online, but you just need to do your workout and check in.  We talk about the struggles we all have, we share ideas, and we SUPPORT each other!  It’s about helping every person reach the goal they set for themselves in the group.  As coaches, Julie and I not only help drive the conversation, but we are PART of it as participants.

P90X3 Accountability Group Requirements

There is not much really.  Grab a P90X3 Challenge Pack, e-mail us and friend us on Facebook and we can add you to the group.  From there, you just push play, and stay plugged in.  Follow the program, take your pictures, eat right, and SUCCEED.  I know this program is going to be fun, and everyone can pick the track they want to do from the three options.  Everyone does NOT have to do the same one.

P90X3 Accountability Group = New Friends

Above all, get to know some new people who are trying to do exactly what you are.  Get connected, and have fun learning about new people and listening to their stories.  It’s a place where everyone is driving for the same goal, so why not leverage the group support.  At the end of the day it’s about getting through the holidays and starting my 40th year on this earth clean, fresh, focused, and ready to BRING IT!

Focus T25

Staying Fit Is Not Easy For Me Either

Its_not _easy

Yesterday I got an E-Mail from a very good friend of mine that made me decide to post this short note.  What I discovered in his E-Mail is that I think like him, many of you believe that staying fit is easy for me.  I did want to just say out loud, and emphatically….its not.  I am human like everyone I coach, I make the same mistakes, I fall off the wagon.  In less than a month I will turn 40 and it is not getting any easier.  In fact it’s getting harder than it was even a year or two ago.  Some days I forget that I am getting older and I get frustrated I cannot lift as much as I used to.  I cannot build muscle like I could in my 20′s.  It’s harder to lose weight after a vacation.  My joints hurt more, my back is always sore, and I get depressed just like anyone else I am helping through their programs.  I don’t bounce out of bed every day excited to workout.  It’s hard work, I like sleep and I like food.  I like relaxing and watching TV after a long day of work.  What’s the difference then?  How do I do it?

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Check out some of the frequently asked questions about the new P90X3 program.  If you are looking for results in 30 minutes a day this one may be for you.  I know we will be doing challenge groups and also doing the program ourselves as soon as we can order it.  If you not only want to work out but get the support you need, give us a call and let us make sure you get the right package to help you succeed.  You will also get free support from us by doing so!

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The Upside and Downside To Shortened Workouts


Since becoming a HUGE fan of P90X years ago and losing all my weight, I’ve seen an interesting trend.  The trend is driven by people who want to work out, but continue to claim they only have 20-30 minutes to do so.  Since then we have seen the release of Les Mills Combat, Focus T25, and the upcoming P90X3.  What all of these have in common is that they are shortened workouts.  Les Mills Combat is generally less that 45 minutes per day, Focus T25 is only 25 minutes and the new P90X3 is going to be 30 minutes.  As I also approach 40 years old, I have noticed some things about these reduced time workouts I wanted to share.

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Biggest Excuses: I Don’t Have Time To Workout


I love this topic so much that it’s been the conversation between Julie and myself as well as many folks we talk to.  We’ve discussed it on past podcasts as well as previous articles.  However, it is still the MOST used excuse I see, hear, and read all over the place that people “Don’t have time to workout”.  It has driven companies like Beachbody to develop shorter workouts like Focus T25, Les Mills Combat, and the upcoming P90X3 that are under an hour a day.  In some cases like Focus T25 it’s down to 25 minutes a day.  The reality is that we THINK we don’t have an hour to workout, yet so many people spend more than that wasting time in their lives.  I’m here to call BS on those that use this excuse as their crutch to many things, not just working out.

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Healthy Tailgate Eating Tips


This past weekend Julie and I had the awesome opportunity to go hit a New England Patriots game with some very good friends who have season tickets.  It’s one of my favorite places to go and hangout and the weather was perfect.  Although the first half was awful they adjusted after halftime and came from behind to win.  My friend asked me to write a post about how someone can eat healthy while tailgating.  Julie and I do this all the time especially at the NASCAR races we attend.  There is some things you can do, but like anything it takes a little commitment.

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Don’t “Fall” Into The Change of Season Trap

Change of Season

Okay I get this problem better than anyone today.  Living in New England at this time of year the seasons are changing.  It’s dark when you wake up, the sun goes down earlier, and it’s getting colder.  I for one don’t do anything outdoors in the winter like skiing, so I start to go into “Hibernation” mode.  This started pretty much today when I could not even roll out of bed.  When I did, I took a shot of E&E and started, reluctantly, my T25 Gamma workout.  I took a lot of breaks, and could not seem to get out of my own way.  It’s this trap that many including myself begin to fall into.  The remaining months of cold, darkness, and indoor only activity become like a prison.  People stop working out because they just don’t “Feel” like it.  Trust me I get that, it’s starting to happen to the best of us even me.  So really what can we all do to avoid falling into the seasonal trap?

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Focus T25 Gamma Review

FOcus T25It’s been a few weeks since I posted last and I am now just about finished with the Focus T25 Gamma phase.  For those doing T25 or thinking about doing it the Gamma Phase is the add-on 4-week program you do after the Alpha and Beta 10-week base program.  I decided to go all out and move into the Gamma option right after I completed the first 10-weeks.  I figured, what the heck so here is my review on the four additional workouts you will do in Gamma.  What you should know is this phase is all about strength and you will need resistance bands or dumbbells.

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Focus T25 Review – Beta Round Results

T25_logo_hi_resWell this weekend marked the end of the first 10 weeks of Focus T25.  I say the first 10 weeks because I am moving on to the optional Gamma Phase which is an additional 4 weeks long.  However, I will say I truly enjoyed the Beta phase actually much more than the Alpha phase for a number of reasons.  I wanted to provide a quick synopsis of the Beta round and my thoughts on each of the workouts done within this round.

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