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The Law of Environment – A New Beginning

It’s been far too long since we posted a blog article and there is a reason for that.  People that have known Julie and I know that we started learning a lot from John C Maxwell.  We have read his 21 laws books, and one of the most amazing chapters was The Law of Environment. […]

The Upside and Downside To Shortened Workouts

Since becoming a HUGE fan of P90X years ago and losing all my weight, I’ve seen an interesting trend.  The trend is driven by people who want to work out, but continue to claim they only have 20-30 minutes to do so.  Since then we have seen the release of Les Mills Combat, Focus T25, […]

Don’t “Fall” Into The Change of Season Trap

Okay I get this problem better than anyone today.  Living in New England at this time of year the seasons are changing.  It’s dark when you wake up, the sun goes down earlier, and it’s getting colder.  I for one don’t do anything outdoors in the winter like skiing, so I start to go into […]

What Is It About Personal Development

By now most people have seen I am posting a lot about John C Maxwell, and his teachings on Personal Development and Growth.  I wanted to explain a little bit why this is the case and how in the last couple months this has really helped me with my regular job as well as with […]

What Do You Mean I Already Have A Coach?

This is actually something that comes up all the time in conversation with people who contact Julie and I through this website, or in general conversations with new people we meet.  We ask them a lot to learn more about them, and eventually we ask if they “Have a Team Beachbody Login, or know if […]

What Defines a Coach?

Again I am inspired by the teaching of John C Maxwell’s book The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth.  One of the recent chapters I read deals with mentorship and coaching.  I wanted to take a moment and apply some of his thoughts to the true aspect of what I think we do as a Team […]

Discipline To Keep Your Fitness Going

Motivation might get you off the starting blocks but what I have found in dealing with people in my challenge groups is that you need Discipline to keep you going.  What’s the difference between the two?  Well, people get motivation to get moving in the right direction pretty easily.  Most people can get fired up […]

Consistency Is The Key To Success

Recently I’ve become a huge fan of John C Maxwell after hearing him speak at the General Session during Coach Summit 2013.  I highly recommend you pick up at least one of his books called, The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth and get the podcast linked to above.  I also had the opportynity to hear […]

Stretching Is So Important

Okay as a long time fan of P90X, something I learned yesterday was something about the program I really do miss.  Even though I have been doing all these new Beachbody programs, and I am loving them P90X had one thing I miss.  It incorporated so much stretching into the program it got me to […]

Pirated DVD Copies Don’t Help You

It’s 100% obvious that pirating DVD’s to sell them to others is completely illegal.  As a Technology guru I see many things out there that can perform such a task and yes anyone can buy the products.   Although people will always look for a cheaper way to buy them this is not the best […]

Life Is About Making Choices

We all make choices every day, in fact life is about making choices every second of every day.  Some of these choices are subconcious, but most of the choices we make that affect our lives are something we think about before we make the choice.  We make choices when we are faced with what to […] Professional Virtual PBX For Your Small Business

In the last year I have been using for a few businesses that Julie and I started, but mainly as our business line for Virtual Fitness.  A lot of people who start a home based business are not aware of the technology available to them to create a professional look and feel to themselves […]

Don’t Focus On the Scale So Much

I always hear from people as they are on their new fitness journey about the scale.  Initially they focus on the scale and the numbers that evil little device shows them.  There is a lot of other, and frankly better ways to judge your progress instead of making yourself focus on the scale.  Over the […]

Never Pay Retail For Shakeology Or Coach Enrollment Fees

I am going to let you all in on a little secret about how you can get the $39.95 Team Beachbody Coach Enrollment Fee waived completely.  At the same time I am going to explain why you never want to pay retail when you buy Shakeology but becoming a Team Beachbody Coach before you buy. […]

Best Time Of Day To Workout

Another topic people ask me all the time “What’s the best time fo day to workout”, and my answer used to be, “Whatever time works best for you”.  I still think that holds true to a point for sure, but I have changed my own personal thinking.  You see, for me I used to feel […]