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Yes in fact if you are a Shakology customer, or want to use Shakeology you can actually also be a Beachbody coach for almost free based on the savings you get alone.   In fact you will see that if you are a Shakeology customer alone is it basically free to be a coach with Club access to the team Beachbody site.  If you have been a Shakeology customer you know the benefits and will most likely continue using it so I think you may want to read on so you can see the added opportunity.  I wanted to take a moment to break it all down and lay some numbers on the table so you can see for yourselves.

  • Club Membership – $2.99/Week ($12.95/Month) – The advantage here is you get 10% off your purchases of all products like Shakeology.  You also get access to the meal planner which even I am finding recently the most helpful.  There is a full breakdown of benefits on this page.  This is billed QUARTERLY, but for analysis I used the monthly amounts.
  • Coaching Fees – To become a coach you pay a one time $39.95 sign up fee.  This fee is WAIVED if you also purchase a challenge pack during your sign up process.  Secondly there is a monthly fee of $15.95 to maintain your coaches online office.  This is where you manage email lists, customers, commissions and other items like web tools, and ad banners.  So the fee is well worth it if you really look at the coaching opportunity.  The main thing is you also get 25% off your product purchases and you get three websites for you to use as links when others want to buy from you.

If you are like me you have both a coach business and the club membership so in total for fees my monthly cost is $27.90.  That’s about the same as a gym membership each month, BUT you have the added benefit of the discounts, VIP access to the team  Beachbody website, as well as the key opportunity.  The ability to help people reach their goals and make some extra money as well.

It’s no secret that coaches make money for what they do.  However, even if you are just a person doing a program yourself there is still a benefit.  Let’s use the following example of someone signing up as a coach and getting a Challenge Pack at the same time:

  • Coaching Fee – WAIVED
  • Challenge Pack – $205 includes the DVD set, one month of free club membership, Shakeology on Home Direct. (If you already have Shakeology on Home Direct this is not an option)
  • Shakeology Monthly Shipment thereafter $89.96 (25% off retail)
  • Monthly recurring fees – $28.90
    • $15.95 Coaching Fee Billed Monthly
    • $12.95 Club Membership (Actually billed quarterly)
That means you own the DVD’s, no more cost to you and you have one of the best workouts going.  You got your $39.95 sign up fee waived, and you will pay the same as me each month for club and coaching fees of $28.90.  On top of that your follow on shipments of Shakeology will be at 25% off and free shipping costing you $89.96 which is $29.99 savings from retail price on Shakeology.  You will also get that 25% on gear, other supplements, and even another program you decide to buy.  Now if you already bought a challenge pack, you will have to pay the $39.95, unless there is another program you want, but then you will also have two Shakeology orders.  If that is the case you would first want to cancel your original home direct order, then grab a new challenge pack.  Really though at that point do what I did and just pay the one time fee, it’s just less complicated.
In the end this then means you are actually $1.09 ahead from a net monthly cost since your savings is greater than your monthly fees to be a coach and have club access, hence……free.  In addition you have the ability to talk about Shakeology to other people and if they want to buy it you can get the referral commissions.  This does not mean you need to be like me and do challenge groups and go all out, but you can if you want to.  The bottom line is actually very simple math.  Even if you are just using Shakeology each month, the 25% savings you get as a coach offsets the total monthly fees of the club membership and the coaching fee combined!  Now, even if you pay the $39.95 one time fee and did not buy a challenge pack, you are till ahead of you are always going to use the products.  This is also why my wife and I are both Coaches.  We have our own separate orders for Shakeology to maintain our active coaching status, and can then buy other programs as we want to with discounts.
I would encourage you to do the math yourself, and you will see that it does work out.  If you are using the products you will talk about them and Beachbody even sets up you’re own Shakeology site for people to purchase from you easily.  You do not need your own blog site unless you want one.  I will always talk to people about signing up as a coach if they are looking at a challenge pack because the fee is then waved and you get all the added benefits and discounts.  I wanted to make sure all of this was completely clear, simple, and transparent to others as sometimes it is not always clear.  So are you ready to become a coach if you are already a Shakeology customer?  Honestly if just does not make sense not to since essentially just for buying and using Shakeology you get the benefits of a coach and club access for free!  Once you sign up even a couple other people as coaches and Shakeology customers yourself then you will start making extra money as well.
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