FitBit One Review – Wearing While Working Out

Fitbit One Review

I have been removing my Fitbit One while working out for most of the time I have owned it.  I also wear my Mio Drive watch during a workout and record that into as I have blogged about before.  Then I came across an article on that was interesting and lead me to try an experiment of wearing the  Fitbit One while doing an Insanity workout.  The KB Article reads:

Will my exercise calories be counted twice now that I’m using Fitbit One and MyFitnessPal?

By entering the time you begin your cardio exercise, the calories burned, and the number of minutes you exercised, MyFitnessPal and can correctly reconcile your cardio exercise with the increased activity recorded by your Fitbit during that period of time. Without the start time and the minutes exercised, it is likely that your increased activity level would be accounted for twice: once when you log it on MyFitnessPal, and once when your Fitbit reports increased activity. Entering the start time ensures that your Net Calorie Goal is not adjusted twice for the same cardio workout. The exercise calories you log with MyFitnessPal will replace the calorie data estimated by your Fitbit for that period of time.

Fitbit One and MyFitnessPal Data Experiment

So what I decided to do was log the start time using the time shown on the Fitbit One which is what I used when logging the workout into MyFitnessPal.  So according to the article, the sites should reconcile the activity during that time period, and determine that the cardio workout logged is the correct calorie about, while Fitbit still tracks my activity for that same time period.  In essence this should be the best of both worlds right?  Below is the data tracking output as I entered it and as the sites measured it yesterday.


The interesting thing is the first workout in orange I did NOT wear it but the second one highlight in blue I did.  You will notice it still tracked a negative adjustment on the day which is correct as you look at my overall activity for the day from the Fitbit site below.


Using Fitbit One While Working Out Seems Good to Go

Contrary to my original Fitbit One Review post, based on the KB article and the data I collected in a single day both wearing the Fitbit One and not wearing it while working out it seems clear that the data is properly calculated.  There re just a couple important things to keep in mind if you are using them both so the calories will in fact be properly calculated.  The real key about the FitBit is that it does NOT track heart rate so you really do need to use it in combination with a good heart rate monitor as we have shown here.  By itself it will not be accurate during a workout since using hear rate is the best gauge.


  1. Yes you wear BOTH your Fitbit One and your Heart Rate Monitor during your workout
  2. Log your cardio activity in MyfitnessPal using the Start Time FROM the actual Fitbit One for the most accuracy.  Then when the two sites correlate data it will be the right time period as the Fitbit One records it.
  3. Using both the Fitbit One and your Heart Rate Monitor will provide the best accuracy as long as you properly enter the cardio workout start time correctly in MyFitnessPal.

If you have found this article helpful please leave your comments.  Also you can purchase a Fitbit One or Mio Drive from Amazon using the links below.

FitBit One Review

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