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Well if you have landed here maybe you have decided that you want to be a part of our team as a Beachbody Coach yourself, or you would like us as your new coach. Hopefully you have taken the time to about us to see how serious we am about fitness and know that we am here to help you be successful. Well, there is a couple of ways you can do this. You can sign up right now for a free Team Beachbody login with me as your coach. You can also become a coach yourself if you decide you want to bring the same personal inspiration to people you know. Below are the three options you have to join our team. I think you will find we love helping people meet their fitness and financial goals.

Option 1 – Get a new Free Team Beachbody login

This is simple, just fill out the registration form using the links below.  You will then have access to all the message boards and you can learn more about Beachbody.  The great thing about us is you have TWO coaches to choose from and we work together to help everyone that joins the team.

Option 2 – Become a Beachbody Coach yourself

You will get setup yourself as a coach, and there is a minimal fee to get going which you can read about in Our FAQ on being a coach.  If you are serious about fitness, and want to help others and make some extra money then this is where you want to start.  There is a lot of information about what being a coach gets you as far as benefits you can read about in this Blog Article.

Option 3 – Change Your Existing Beachbody Coach

This is actually very simple and we actually wrote a Blog Article about this process as you do need some additional information.  Instead of copying it all here you can simply check out the Blog Article for the details.