Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness Comparison


I rarely look into every single product out there, but I saw someone post about this Rockin Wellness shake and I decided to do a little research.  I always try to dig a bit behind some of the marketing hype that you may read and provide what I can find in my own research.  Once again I have learned that although it’s got some good items in it, it is not Shakeology.  There are many imitations but there is only one Shakeology.  Below is a few highlights I pulled out where you can make the case yourself.  I’m just providing the facts to compare, nothing bad being said here about it, since I have not tried it and I am not bashing it in any way.  I am a “by the numbers” kind of guy so I do the research and I provide the information nothing more.  See the simple numbers side by side as a simple comparison.

Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Serving Sizes

As you can see by the label below Rockin Wellness is 30 scoops per bag, and a serving is two scoops.  So the easy math says you need to buy two bags for a full 30 day supply.  They also throw in the suggestion to have 1-2 shakes a day which would mean 3-4 bags for a month.  Each bag costs $59.95 so that’s a total of $179.85 if you only did 2 shakes half the month.


Shakeology on the other hand is simple and straight forward, no math involved.  Each Bag is 30 servings, and each serving is one scoop.  You only need to use it once a day since it’s got more superfoods in it which we will show down below.  It’s $129.95 per month retail, but we always tell you that Nobody Should Pay Retail so for $97.47 per month you are good to go.  Simple, easy, and straight forward.


Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Nutritional Information

From the above label you can see that since the serving size is 1 scoop you need to double all the nutritional information to get the real numbers so don’t be fooled by the serving Size alone!  Below is a table comparing both products basic nutritional information side by side.  I think the numbers speak for themselves

Rocking WellnessVegan Chocolate Shakeology
Calories from Fat6025
Total Fat7g3g
Saturated Fat2g1g
Total Carbohydrates24g22
Sodium30g215mg (Himalayan salt however)
Pre-BioticsNo MentionYES
Pro-BioticsNo MentionYES

You can see in almost every place Shakeology has a winning edge just based on the numbers themselves.  it is worth pointing out one reason the Sodium is higher is due to the mineral benefits of Himalayan salt in Shakeology.  It’s actually not a bad thing for you.  Also there is no mention of pre-biotics or pro-biotics. The overall ingredients list is very short and you can see that Shakeology starts our with brown rice protein as the first and major ingredient.  There is also a giant list of over 70 other superfoods you get in Shakeology.

I think when I read this what makes little sense to me is the low amount of protein to the high about of fat calories.  In a single scoop there is 90 calories 30% are fat, and only 4 grams a protein. For the workouts I do, that would never support my diet since I follow a 40% Protein40% Carbs, 20% Fat structure.  It is already hard enough to get enough protein and low fat in my nutrition plan.  Anyone doing Team Beachbody programs knows you need to proerly feed your body for the intense workouts.  As a stand alone “Shake” with NO workouts, yes maybe Rockin Body is “good enough” for you.  However, if you are combining the nutrition with the proper fitness level and support like you should be it’s probably not going to cut it.

Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Money Back Guarantee

Rockin Wellness in fact has NO return policy on opened bags, ad unopened bags need to be handled through a specific product.  Below is the return policy about the product from their website.

Return Policy:
No returns on any open packages of Rockin’ Wellness Nutritional Shakes.  Pre-authorized returns on unopened packages within 30 days of purchase only.  Must call or email customer service for return pre-approval.  Please enclose a note stating the reason for the return.

Shakeology on the other hand is so sure about the quality and your well-being after you start using the product they have a full 100% BOTTOM OF THE BAG gaurentee.  I think that speaks a lot about the confidence of any product if they are willing to let you return it after you completely empty the bag and are still not satisfied.  What good is returning an unopened bag?  You have to open it to even TRY it right?

Shakeology vs Rockin Wellness – Your Call As Always

As always I hope I have provided nothing more than the facts here for you to make your own educated decision on the two products.  Although I am a Team Beachbody Coach I have tried lots of things out there and I think there is no equal to Shakeology.  As always do your research and educate yourself before you jump into the hype of the newest thing.  Remember that with Team Beachbody and Shakeology you get yourself a COACH to help you with your Fitness, Nutrition, and Support to better your health and wellness all of which are required to be as fit as you can be.  Nobody else can offer all three of those together.

Stay fit my friends and please leave your comments below!

shakeology vs rockin wellness

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  • j

    Pretty shitty review. 2 scoops of rockin is plenty a day. 60 $ a month and yes there’s probiotics

    • Chris Colotti

      I have done the math correctly and two scoops a day means a single bag will only last 15 days as the label states a bag is 30 scoops, not 30 servings so the bag will only last 15 days at that rate. Therefore it is not $60/month. Thank you for you comment though.

      • Larry W Wilson

        I use one scoop of Rockin Wellness a day. I love it, you gotta start somewhere.

        • Chris Colotti

          I will certainly agree that you do have to start somewhere. I still believe the fitness and the support are just as important. You need all three to really become healthy and fit.

          • Juan

            So is shakeology a meal replacement?

          • Chris Colotti

            It can be, or it can be a snack, it is very versatile but is much more than any meal replacement since it has such a high blend of superfoods. Most people use it for breakfast or lunch as a meal replacement if they are trying to lose weight. I am in weight Maintenance mode and I still use it daily for breakfast OR as an afternoon snack. Due to the amount of superfoods, vitamins and minerals I still have it every day regardless if I am in weight loss or maintenance mode since it has everything my body needs to run at peak level.

    • Small Bud

      Review seemed quite biased. Either way, our health guru turned us onto Rockin’ Wellness – obviously one’s use of 1-2 scoops varies according to preference and taste… 1 scoop works well for all members in our house… great product at a reasonable price for our use. Also, I’m pretty sure Lactobacillus is a well known pro-biotic.

  • Justin Lewis

    The one thing you didn’t talk about was ingredients. I didn’t see a comparison on ingredients. Is Shakeology using GMO ingredients? Is Shakeology USDA certified organic?

  • Christine Craig Powers

    Thank you Chris for providing the information from TBB about why Shakeology can not be labeled non-GMO or USDA certified organic. Being a nutritionist and having studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am a big believer in products being non-GMO and organic, however, as the link you provided makes sense in that it is sometimes difficult to know for sure if a product is non-GMO in some instances. In my experience buying organic products whenever you are able to is important. Having said that, sometimes you have to weigh the options. Organics are extremely expensive and drive the cost of the final product way up. High quality conventional products can be just as beneficial and I believe TBB wants to provide and delivers a high quality affordable protein shake.

    “We have put every effort into making sure that these ingredients do not contain pesticides, are not destroyed in processing, are produced using the best of fair trade practices, and have many of the benefits of what is considered “organic.”

    “Organic certification of each and every ingredient in Shakeology is a complex task given our exotic sourcing, however we are investigating possible future delivery of a completely organic Shakeology product. Check back with us in 2013 for an update.”—organic

    Two key ingredients that I noticed when comparing these two shakes are that Rockin Wellness contains soy and sugar. We have all been encouraged to consume both of these products and from the education that I have received, both of them should be limited or better yet shouldn’t be in our diet at all. Although the FDA agrees that there are some health benefits to soy, the research is showing that the darker side effects far outweigh the good.

    Regarding sugar, I try not to have it at all. I just love that Shakeology uses an all natural sweetener, Stevia, that is loaded with antioxidants that protect against DNA damage that leads to cancer.

    In addition to the superfoods, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, and probiotics, digestive enzymes, Shakeology has Himalayan salt which contains 84 minerals and elements which creates a healthy libido, aids vascular health, supports respiratory function, improves blood sugar levels, reduces signs of aging, increases bone strength so we do not need to be concerned with the amount in Shakeology. I for one am grateful that Shakeology doesn’t contain table salt!!

    For me? Shakeology has EVERYTHING I want and more in a protein shake at a cost that I think is more than reasonable for what it provides. I was purchasing most of these ingredients individually so to know I have it all in one shake is a relief for me: easier on my food bill and less time I spend at the market!!

    • Chris Colotti

      Christine thank you for the extremely detailed and well thought out response. It has helped me learn a little bit more as well from a nutritional specialist like yourself. :)

  • Christine Craig Powers
    If you would like to more about the ingredients in Shakeology, check this blog article out!! Shakeology is the real deal!!

  • Pam Golliher

    My bag of Rockin’ Wellness says 1 scoop per shake and 30 servings.

    • Chris Colotti

      The serving size is 1 scoop, but per the label image above it also states “Serving Suggestion: 2 Scoops per shake | 1-2 Shakes per day” As with anything it is if you use it per their suggested serving size, which was the basis for the calculations in the article. Cheers!

  • Robin

    Having Celiac disease, products being gluten free are necessary for me so I did the research .Shakeology is NOT gluten free, Rocking Wellness is. Shakeology does not put gluten in their product, but it is made on equipment that also processes wheat products. If anyone has found this info not to be true, please let me know.

    • Chris Colotti

      Although it is not stamped Gluten Free, (It used to be), the FDA requirements for labeling as such have gotten more restrictive We do have people with Celiac using both the whey and Vegan versions with no issues. There is no gluten based products used in the manufacturing, but yes there could be very trace amounts from equipment or “In the Air”, but customers of ours with Celiac have reported zero issues based on the minimal amounts that may be found.

      The advantage to them of having the dense nutrition in Shakeology was worth them giving it a try using a sample packet (Which we are starting to send out weekly for new customers), and none have reported any issues.

      All of them that have tried it are happily enjoying their dense nutrition that Shakeology provides. If you have never tried it and do not already have a coach we’d be happy to discuss and send you a sample to try for yourself of either a Vegan version or the Whey version.

  • Walt

    2 bags of Rockin Wellness is advertised as $99.00 on their website. So even if you used their suggested serving size of 2 scoops a day, they are still considerably cheaper than Shakeology. I recently started using Viance Vitality Blend from Viance Nutrition and it tops both Shakeology and Rockin Wellness in every category. 1 scoop a day, 30 SERVINGS for $59.95. Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Organic. Shakeology is OK, but very expensive.

  • christopher

    You say “your call as always” but your blog and comment replies are quite heavily on the Shakeology side. Why claim to be on the fence when you obviously have an opinion? If RW gave you a “coach cost”, you’d probably jump ship.

    • Chris Colotti

      I would not jump ship I truly believe that Shakeology is a better product. The “Your Call” comment simply means that people, as always have their own choice to make based on their own research. I’ve made mine to what I think is the superior product. I have always paid a little more for many things in my life if I truly believe it’s a better offering as many people do. Thank you for commenting.

  • Janet

    Hi cris actually rocking wellsnes . Is very affordable I take one scope a day . Share it with my kids and husband . I order the three bags for 3months for 135 . And with shakeology is 129. Every month . That’s not affordable
    Either way is still helping people for better health. I add moringa and spirulina to and other healthy products to my check and have the same ingredients of shakeology for cheaper price . I have add all the ingriediants that u guys have on ur shakes.

    • Chris Colotti

      Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you enjoy what you are using. Everyone has their choices to make, and I like many feel that Shakeology is a superior product to others in many ways. We never have to add anything to it to get the best dense nutrition on the market. As I always sate, each person can make their own judgement on all the products out there. I’ve been a Shakeology user and for what it does for me and makes me feel I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Keep Rockin on with what you like

  • Désirée Scribner-Bridgeford

    I’m looking at the rockin wellness site right now, its 62.99 a bag so there is no way anyone can order 3 bags at 135.Right now three bags are on sale at 124.99 but they are regularly priced at 242.97. I cannot imagine paying such a ridiculous price for something you could probably make healthier and cheaper from bulk food bins.

    • Justin Lewis

      I’ve been a customer for over a year and we get a bag of RR for $30. Also, the serving suggestion is one scoop.

    • ninpoo

      It s always on sale. It s awesome

  • ninpoo

    I Loverockin wellness. It tastes great and does not have much protein. My tummy can’t take too much or whey. I does have pro biotics and gives me energy. It has 90 calories a scoop less than shakeology. Just saying. I love it.