ViSalus Complaint – Lead In Some Products

ViSalus Lead Complaint

I am going to start off by stating I am not an attorney, and I would love to hear people’s own thoughts on this in the comments.  I am a consumer like anyone else and I am quite sure this post will garner just a little attention so I’m ready for that.  However, I am not here to bash another product, I really just find this complaint interesting regardless of who it would have been filed against.  What I did learn the other day is that there was a complaint filed in the State Of California alleging that three ViSalus Products were found to contain lead.  Although this is still in process I did find the filing for you ro read on your own and I wanted to provide my own opinions and some of the highlights from the filing for you to digest.

Updated:  What I am finding in doing some more research I will say it seems like Prop 65 in California pretty much finds lead in just about every product.  The reading I am doing is that the levels the documentation uses are so low you are pretty much guaranteed to have lead in just about everything.  Seems like the legislation is more flawed that anything in the state of California.  I think the state will eventually find lead in everything based on how it’s written.

ViSalus Complaint – Products Listed For Lead

In the filing there were three products listed that allegedly contain lead, of which it was two energy drinks and one of their vitamin supplements.  In I will say it does NOT include their Body by Vi shakes.

  • Lead in ViSalus Sciences Vimmunity For Occasional Immunity Support
  • Lead in ViSalus Sciences Neuro Smart Energy Lemon Lift
  • Lead in ViSalus Sciences Neuro Smart Energy Raspberry boost

Although it is not clear to me if this was proven yet, the plaintiff states that there is some sufficient testing that was done that states the amounts are “identified as exceeding allowable levels”.  I’m not sure what the California State Board of health determines to be “allowable”, but from what we’ve known about lead, it’s just not good.  It also states that on October 1, 1992 The State of California officially listed lead and lead compounds as chemicals known to cause cancer.

ViSalus Complaint – What Does This Mean

Frankly, I really don’t even know.  What I do know is there is someone who feels these three products contain too much lead in them for a human being to ingest.  That being said one also does not know how often per day these products are used.  In my past experience with energy drinks I did not just have one a day, in many cases I find people have them more than once a day.  The website states that a serving is one packet, but does not state how many servings a person should not exceed in a day.  At the end of the day I think part of the issue is just that people may be ingesting too much of it combined with the high levels which equals badness.

ViSalus Complaint – My 2% Of a Dollar

I’ve tried to walk the fine line here just providing the information I found.  You can make your own judgement to use these products or not.  Personally I got off all energy drinks over a year ago and I’ve never looked back.  I just eat right, drink my Shakeology once a day, and workout.  As for the allegations, if they are found to be true I think that’s just odd that anyone would find a reason to put lead into their products in this day and age.  It does not add any value, and I’m not sure what it would really do to help the products.  I’m quite sure that they will rectify the situation at a pretty hearty cost since we cannot have people drinking things with lead in them.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, without drawing the line in the sand of one company vs the other.  I have not done that here, I am just interested to hear other opinions on this.  Regardless if it is ViSalus, or another company how do we feel about amounts of lead being found in the things we consume knowing what we know now about health?  I’ll be watching this story to see what the outcome is.  Please so leave your comments below on this.

ViSalus Lead Complaint

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    Not surprising that someone repping a competing health product is going to bring up an allegation and use the news to create leads.