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Finding The Right Insanity Shoes

So yesterday I did Insanity Day 2 and about 5 minutes in I thought my feet were going to fall off.  I mean they were SORE, so sore I needed to stop multiple times not due to muscle failure but to foot failure.  So I decided it was time to try to find some new kicks just for these workouts.  previously I have tried Under Armour, Nike, Asics, and most recently Reebok Zigs.  Then I remembered that back when I started P90X and when I was doing a lot of jump rope I had a pair of New Balance shoes that never failed me.  Now everyone is different but here is what I learned today in at least what to look for specifically for Insanity type workouts with lateral movements not just single directional movements.  Ultimately after trying on shoes today from the same various manufactures I ended up with the Men’s New Balance 1011 series which is now I think the 1012 Series.  I got mine at the local outlet store so the model has changed over to the new year on the website.

Insanity Shoes

Insanity Shoes Cushion Factor

First and foremost you need plenty of cushion in the ball of your foot.  Since you are not just running you are usually on your ball and moving side to side these 1011 shoes have tons of gel in the ball and heel so you are covered there.  After trying on others and jumping in place I kept coming back to the New Balance ones having just more overall cushion in the ball of my foot.

Insanity Shoes Lateral Support

I learned from the guy at the New Balance store that one thing you really want that running shoes don’t always have is the lateral support leather.  If you look at the picture below I have highlighted this area on the shoe.  When I was jumping side to side this re-inforced section helped keep my foot from sliding too far to the outside providing some nice outside stability.  It also keeps your foot from shifting in side the shoe and to answer your next question, yes I was jumping side to side in the store as well in them.  I recommend doing so because you need to test drive them after all!

Insanity Shoes

Insanity Shoes First Use Outcome

Well after Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance today I have to say MY FEET ARE HAPPY!  The support and gel aspect of these kicks was just what I needed.  No supination or pronation issues and my feet did not hurt at all.  Well, they are still sore from the bad shoes, but that will pass.  I was able to focus on the workout instead of the pain in my feet.  I really have been a fan of the New Balance Trainers in the past so I’m glad to see they are still there for my use.  If you have not tried them go try a pair I think you will like them.  I am pretty picky about finding a Cross-Traininer that works for me.  I may reserve these just for cardio days and get another pair of something else for lifting days with Body Beast or P90X.   Either way look for the areas above in your shoe and jump around the store to get a real feel for them before you buy.

Insanity Shoes – UPDATE June 2013

I have now gone through two pairs of these and I have also used them as my Les Mills Combat shoes. I think it’s also safe to say that anything you find for use with Insanity you can easily use for Les Mills Combat shoes.  Since the model I have is going away at the local outlet store I may do a review of the replacement when I try them.  I think they may not have the same gel in them as the ones I have, but maybe someone out there can leave some comments about other models from new balance.  Personally, I am still a big fan of the new balance support over some of the others, but you tell me, what’s your favorite shoes for Insanity or other Beachbody programs?   Leave your comments below to help others searching for the same information to tell us your preference.

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  • Digital Jeff

    Chris, check out inov-8 shoes, I have been using them for over 6 months with high impact workouts like insanity and they are great. I got them off zappos.com.